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❝Creating product value of the highest quality while achieving
top-level goals at the lowest possible cost.❞

Gato Corporation, founded in 1988, has long been involved in the fields of pneumatics and dispensing and is dedicated to innovation and excellence. Under the Taiwan brand GENTLE, Gato has created its own collection of pneumatic fittings, DC fan ionizers, and precision dispensing valves. We have built up a solid reputation among both partners and customers as a result of our excellent quality. We are committed to creating more locally sourced components and products in order to reduce production costs for our clients while providing the most effective solutions available.

Other globally renowned industrial brands that are represented by Gato include KOGANEI, NKE, TAKEX, IEI, Musashi, CONVUM, marco, Vieweg, and others. Gato promises to produce product value of the highest quality and to assist customers in achieving their goals at the lowest possible cost.

strictly adhering to out 3 core principles

“Committed to specialized fields, abiding by our 3 core principles.”

With more than three decades of experience, Gato has established a global reputation for excellence. We continue to work closely with both new and existing customers, maintain a passion for customer service and industrial innovation, actively pursue excellence, and aspire for perfection on a continuous basis.

  • Made in Taiwan with superior quality
  • Reasonable prices
  • Professional service, adherence to integrity

❝Business diversification via professional services in multiple fields❞

In this industrial generation that prioritizes cost-effectiveness, Gato Corporation is at the forefront of technology in Taiwan due to its skilled business and technological employees and its close working relationships with partners in semiconductors, consumer electronics, automobiles, LEDs, solar energy, medical care, plastics, and numerous other industries.

Gato continues to advance step by step without hesitation despite the fact that accelerated technological change poses new challenges. In the future, we intend to create more diverse products and business entities, expanding into more new sectors, and we look forward to collaborating on the development of superior technologies and goods.

Keep growing
Keep growing
  • Developing positive relationships with the leading 100 corporate brands
  • Enhancing products and services quality
  • Constantly pursuing technological and resource advancements
  • Maximizing product value while minimizing cost
Brand Agency
Brand Agency
  • Partnering and aligning with professional brands
  • We are a globally recognized provider of industrial products: KOGANEI, NKE, TAKEX, IEI, marco, MUSASHI, VIEWEG...
Fields of expertise
Fields of expertise

Gato Corporation, founded in 1988 with an initial concentration on the pneumatic industry, broadened its reach to the dispensing industry after investing considerable time and effort in the specialized field.

Innovative research and development
Innovative research and development

With a focus on cutting-edge R&D and product optimization, GATO also introduced its own brand, GENTLE, which sells premium pneumatic fittings and precise distributing valves to give customers more reliable goods and services.

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